Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Swerve into sweetness... Is it what it seems? pt. 1

When you go to the store you hope to run in and get what you need without taking too long. What do you do when they don't have that one thing you need? Most people get the next best thing, because lets face it we usually don't have all the time in the world to use on shopping.

Much to my surprise I went in looking for many varieties of sweeteners and only found a few, different in types, not by name.  You'll find many of the same products packaged and processed differently with a different name. New products come out all the time, its the way business will always be, you blink and there is something new.

I found myself going to the Internet to find some sweeteners not found in stores.  This is where I found the product swerve. This product is fairly new and only available online, I purchased this product from amazon...They seem to have everything.  So far the only two things I have made with this was homemade whip cream and the pumpkin mousse.

What I think so far...

Swerve sweetener holds up great in the homemade whip and adds amazing flavor to the pumpkin mousse. My next test is going to be caramel so see how it holds up in comparison to sucralose and then other sweeteners.

Why is this so important...

Most people absolutely love caramel and why not it's amazing! If you work in a bakery or go shopping for REAL caramel and not just the little cheap candies that are sold as caramel, you'll notice that it isn't cheap. You can make it home for a decent price and it is a very quick process to make, just a little more time to let it rest, but not long at all. Real caramel is very smooth and much better then the cheap stuff.

Check back in soon, I'll share the results and let you know what to look forward too.