Saturday, March 16, 2013

Swerve into it what it seems? pt. 2

Epic Failure...

Today I'm here to tell you how disappointed I am in the swerve sweetener in the caramel challenge and the sucralose the same.  Both claim to act like sugar and in small ways they do.  They can both bring you sweetness and come out with flying colors on certain recipes, but this was one specific challenge I wanted to put them up to.

After a long wait standing over the hot stove trying to get the sweeteners to brown, all I got was a hot mess.  Both seem to have dissolved nicely, but I was wrong.  Letting it sit after cooking for 20 min, it smells nice, but then comes the disappointment.  The sweetener solidify's on the top of the water. 

pan full of, well...not caramel

Looking on the Internet to see if anyone found a way to work this into a caramel or even sauce for that matter.  Well there are many recipes out there and while I could go and try each one until I found the right one, I think I will move on to something else for now.

Ill be thinking of the next move and where to go next. Thank you for following and check back soon to see where we go next.   

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