Monday, March 4, 2013

Stevia you sweet thing you!

Ah yes today we are discussing stevia and the sweet plant it is.  If you don't know this, stevia is acutally a plant from the sunflower family.  I thought that was an interesting fact even if it does not pertain to sweeteners.

Stevia is considered a novel sweetener.  It is put in this category because of where it comes from and how it is made.  Stevia naturally is sweeter than sugar, but after its processed it becomes less sweet.  Because it has a negligible affect on blood sugar, it became very popular.

Originally stevia was banned in 1990 unless it was labeled as a dietary supplement.  Europe didn't allow the use of stevia until 2011.

If you have used stevia, you noticed that some can have a bitter taste if used in excess.  Keep in mind that this isn't true with all stevia extracts.  Try to substitute this very carefully because of this fact.  Just because you have used one doesn't mean they will all be the same.

I'll be back tomorrow with more info to keep you sugar free and loving it!

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