Monday, March 4, 2013

Metallic muffins? Nope just saccharin again!

Ever noticed that bitter, metallic taste after you enjoy a sip of your favorite sugar free drink?  Well more than likely you're tasting the SACCHARIN used in combination with other ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.

Might as well eat this

Saccharin has no food energy and like many other food sweeteners is much sweeter then sugar.  This sweetener is not very popular but because of the fact that it has no reaction to other foods, it is used more than it should be.

So you may not of heard of saccharin, but I am sure you have heard of its other name, Sweet'n'low.  To this day you can still find it on your table in many little restaurants along side the packets of equal and sugar.  Some still prefer the taste and will argue that it has no aftertaste and that's their opinion, everybody's taste buds are different!
Yay for choices!

As with many other sugar substitutes you have to be careful when using this as it can taint the flavor of many foods.  If you're lucky it wont have any effect and your food will turn out perfectly, which I hope is true.  I personally do not like the aftertaste and cannot seem to disguise it no matter what I try.

Like other artificial sweeteners it does not effect glucose levels and is safe for diabetics.  This is because it goes directly into the digestive system.  It does trigger a release of insulin, believed to be because of the taste, but not significantly.  

So, saccharin, aftertaste is a big possibility but the plus side is you can enjoy sweetness.  Is it worth it or not, you decide!

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